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At Refreshing Waters, we as Christian counselors see people’s issues as primarily spiritual in nature. Meaning, we believe that man’s main problems in life result from his sin problem. When sin entered the world, man became separated from His maker and spiritual Father, resulting in spiritual darkness and depravity. This broken relationship then, is the chief cause of man’s pain and crippling condition.

As Christian counselors, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of accountability. We believe that God, not man, has called us to this position. Therefore, we seek to honor and please Him first and in both our personal lives as well as in the counseling session. We consider ourselves students of the Scripture in order to show ourselves approved [by God]. As Christian Counselors we seek to have the mind of Christ, present a heart of wisdom, and counsel our clients with an abundance of grace.

We believe that God has a life of purpose, power, and passion for you. We consider it an honor to partner with God and with you in prayer and faith to reach your goals. We believe that no matter where you are today, God has a brighter vision for your future, and together we can help you discover what better looks like for you and equip you with the tools to achieve it.

What will counseling be like?

We are currently providing counseling in person and online, depending on the counselors and couple's comfort level. You will first register for counseling, pay for counseling, and then be given a marriage assessment to be completed online. Once you have completed all three steps, you and your significant other will matched with one of our married counseling couples and contacted for scheduling.

What content do you go over during counseling?

Our counselors will start with an initial assessment to determine what your needs are and the extent of counseling that you are needing. Pastors Darren and Kim Carter have created a 12 week marriage counseling workbook. All couples seeking premarital counseling will go through the workbook as well as any couples needing additional counseling beyond the initial four sessions.

What do I get for the cost of counseling?

  • Initial Marriage Assessment and Counseling (4 sessions): $120 (must be scheduled consecutive w/in 6 weeks) 
  • 4 Sessions: $120 
  • Go through premarital counseling (12): $200 


If you have any additional questions regarding counseling at Refreshing Waters, please contact the office at

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